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Focus on what you do best and leave the tough engineering and prototyping to us. It's incredibly expensive and time consuming to hire an engineering team and to shop out production to multiple suppliers. We help to condense those costs and timelines so you can get a quick start to get your product in the market.


Retail Displays

Large or small, we are able to encorporate a variety of our services to create a custom display for your project.


Museums & Galleries

Museum quality replicas and fine art quality is what we pride ourselves in with our 3D printing and scanning technologies.


Engineers are simple: they want their parts now and they need to meet specification. We can get your parts fast and accurate with the material properties you need.



Limitless artistic creativity meets practically limitless capabilities to make your art come to life. Scan, replicate, print, and process your sculptures to the highest quality available.

Track, Pay, & Collaborate

Use any device to log into our system by MakerOS to review quotes, pay securely via credit card, and track the progress of your project.

One of our engineers evaluates the necessary steps to complete your project and you get progress reports at every step.

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