Micron Accuracy & Flexibility

World class blue light 3D scanning technology



3D Scanning

Our FARO ScanArm combines a hand held laser scanner and probe which provides the best contact/non-contact measurement solution in the industry.

Unlike other scanning methods, our system's hard probe and the laser line probe can digitize interchangeably without having to remove either component which translates into more accurate scans, inspections, and faster project times.


CMM Inspection

Our system is equipped with a hard CMM probe which allows for the most accurate inspection method in the industry. The articulating arm allows for multiple axis reach and flexibility not obtainable from automated machine inspection systems.

The mobility of the system also allows for inspections to be executed at the location of a large object or structure.


With nothing more that a digital SLR camera and masking of an object, we are able to create a 3D scan in full color of physical objects. Multiple photos are taken of the object which are them "stitched" together in special software to create a 3D mesh. 

After the scan, manual file "repair" is required to remove any excess scan data and to isolate the model. Further manipulation is possible to modify the mesh for production

native cad.png

Native CAD Conversion

One of the greatest advantages to our solution is the conversion of scan data directly into a workable native CAD format. Most other scan methods will only output either point cloud data or a polygon mesh such as a STL.

With our solution to convert raw scan data into native NURBS CAD data, it enables engineers greater flexibility and practical use of the technology since the CAD may be imported to Solidworks, Fusion 360, OnShape, etc..

After the fact of converting the scan data to CAD, we are able to manipulate the 3D model to account for design changes or other applications.

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