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What Affects Pricing?


3D Scanning services may require multiple steps in order to get to a final workable file. We offer scan "clean up" service that will create an acceptable file to print, mill, or cast. 


Project Examples


Artist Sculptures: $1,800

When replicating an artist's sculpture, it's important to capture every curve, dimple, and imperfection. That is what makes it unique and one of a kind. With our Faro Arm Scanner, we are able to scan at a resolution that will pick up details as fine as a human hair for a 1:1 3D scan replication.



Engine Model Scan: $680

Model kits are notorious for being highly detailed and in low supply. A client came to us with the challenge to replicate this Saturn V rocket component because he was not able to find another on the market. With the Faro Arm scanner, we were able to scan and 3D print a replica for this highly detailed replica.


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